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Picture of Meeker Colorado

The Meeker Sanitation District provides collection and treatment of wastewater for the community of Meeker Colorado.

The Meeker Sanitation District was organized on December 4th, 1961. The Meeker Sanitation District replaced many small sewer associations that were established years before the Meeker Sanitation District was organized. The organization of the Meeker Sanitation District would allow all of the people who were utilizing these associations, and any people who would like sewer service, but did not have any at that time, to use the Meeker Sanitation District. Since 1961 the Meeker Sanitation District has operated effectively for the community of Meeker.

The Meeker Sanitation District is a Special District and a political subdivision of the State of Colorado. The voters elect five Directors to serve on the District Board. Special District elections are held on the Tuesday succeeding the first Monday of May in every even numbered year. Beginning in 2022 the election cycle will change from even years to every odd year.  This change was made by the State of Colorado Department of Local Government to allow for Special District Elections to fall on years when there are not Presidential Elections or Senate and House of Representative elections.  This eases the burden on the county clerk and recorder offices of Colorado,. The Board of Director Members serve four-year terms, which are staggered. Two Board Members are elected one election and the other three Board Members are elected the next election.